Welcome to the Sphaxx tutorial !

Thank you for helping us improve this tool through beta testing. We hope you can benefit from it.

Feel free to contact us directly on LinkedIn if you encounter any bugs, have any questions or want to make any suggestions.

How to send connection requests automatically?

We will see how to automate connection requests with Sphaxx. Once you have followed these steps, you will be able to send a hundred connection requests per day without any effort.

1. Opening of the application

Launch the Chrome extension and click on “Go to dashboard”. The first time, this will automatically create your account.

You are now on this page. It is normal, Sphaxx creates your account automatically. Wait a bit and refresh the page.

2. Creation of a prospecting campaign

You arrive on your Dashboard. This page is under construction. It will allow you to visualise the performance of your prospecting strategies. Click on “Campaigns”.

We will create a prospecting campaign where you can find your prospects. You can choose to create a campaign by Job, a campaign by City or other. Organise your prospecting as you wish!

3. Adding leads to a campaign

We will now add leads to your new campaign. Go to the LinkedIn tab. Do a keyword search, as you would when looking for prospects. For example, let’s take “Sphaxx”.

It is very important to search for “People” as this is the category from which we will select profiles.

Now open the extension, select your campaign and the number of profiles to be extracted, then click on “Import Prospect”.

A loading bar is displayed, when it stops, the prospects are in your campaign. Let’s go back and find them on the application.

Your prospects are now displayed in your campaign.

4. Launching automatic connection requests

We will now write the connection note. Use the following insert for this.

Add a note by clicking on the “Add note” button. Choose a title (just for you, your prospects won’t see it) and then write your connection note using “Firstname” or “Name” to personalise the message automatically.

Select “Connection not send” in the filters to make sure you only send your invitation to new prospects. Then select all the prospects that are displayed using the checkbox.

Finally, click on “Save & Launch” in the note box to start the connection requests.

5. Waiting Line

You can find the connection requests ready to be sent in the “Waiting Line” tab.

The connection requests will automatically be sent in a random time interval between 3 and 5 minutes. You can remove prospects from the waiting list if you have made a mistake. Automatic connection requests will pause if we detect that LinkedIn will restrict you. No security issues for your account!

Important: Be sure to keep LinkedIn and the Sphaxx page open for connection requests to be sent.

Good job ! You are now able to send automatically connection requests with Sphaxx !