Effectively automate your LinkedIn prospecting,

even with the new limitations.

The LinkedIn revolution has begun. We give you the tool to resist. Automatically generate many qualified leads while securing your account from LinkedIn’s algorithms.

No credit card required

A LinkedIn tool to automate your prospection.

Target your prospects more easily and increase your conversion rate.

Optimize your conversion rate through personalized scenarios and real-time statistics. Test different methods and check your performance with statistics on your dashboard.

Save time and focus on the quality of your offer.

Divide your prospecting time by at least 5. Automate your connection requests and personalized your messages.

Focus on your business.

Questions you might have. We got you.

Unlike other tools, Sphaxx perfectly simulates human behavior. It even improves your account’s notoriety, without any risk of restriction by LinkedIn.

Absolutely not. You can start your free beta without entering your bank details.

Sphaxx is designed to be as ergonomic as possible. Tutorials accompany you during your journey and you benefit from instant chat support.

Send your messages automatically on LinkedIn.